Complaints & Warranty


Our goal is to keep all parties satisfied. This is achieved, inter alia, by being transparent, by applying clear conditions and by always fulfilling our commitments.



Our quality system (ISO9001:2015) has set aside an important place for dealing with complaints and with any warranty that may arise therefrom.

On the one hand, we guarantee a quick and accurate solution for your problem. On the other hand, we also immediately look for corrective and preventive measures within the rest of your fleet or at the basic design of our product.

Would you like to report a complaint? Send an e-mail ( or contact us by telephone (+31 (0)412 45 45 00).



We repair all defects to modifications and systems we have installed on a truck. The following conditions apply, among others:

1. The defect has arisen and has been reported within 12 months after the first delivery of the relevant truck by ESTEPE, whereby in most cases we apply a leniency arrangement up to 24 months after delivery.

2. The defect must be reported immediately to ESTEPE.

3. We – or our loss adjusters – must be given the opportunity to inspect the relevant truck within 36 hours. We can also accept digital photos when reporting, so that liability and possible repair costs can be determined at a different time.

Click here for the full Waranty Conditions.