Repair & Maintenance

Our duty to support you

The aims of our after-sales department are high availability and short downtimes. This is why ESTEPE offers flexible and professional support.


Technical Support

The after-sales department of ESTEPE is always ready to answer your technical questions regarding maintenance and repair of ESTEPE products. Do not hesitate to contact us.  An e-mail ( or a quick telephone call (+31 (0)412 45 45 00) is often enough to prevent you from hours of searching and irritation. We have extensive experience with all our products and are eager to give you the right advice on how to maintain or repair the ESTEPE products in an efficient and qualitative manner.



Technical documents, such as user manuals, maintenance manuals and diagrams are available for all ESTEPE products, such as for example, electrical and hydraulic systems.

Send us an e-mail ( stating the chassis number of the relevant truck and which information/document you are looking for. We will send you the necessary documents as soon as possible.



It is important that mechanics are able to quickly and easily perform maintenance and repairs on ESTEPE products. That is why we provide trainings. The following options and conditions apply:

1. The training may either take place at our location in Heesch, or at your location.

2. The training is provided by one of our experienced service technicains.

3. The truck must be made available by the customer who requests the training.

For more information or for a training request, please send us an e-mail ( or call us (+31 (0)412 45 45 00).