ESTEPE is the number 1 strategic partner of the European truck manufacturers and the truck body industry when it comes to supplementing the standard product range of truck manufacturers. You get the best of both worlds:  the OEMs’ high standards in terms of technology and quality, and ESTEPE’s flexibility and inventiveness.

ESTEPE’s market are niches with a substantial market potential which truck manufacturers cannot cost-effectively handle. This includes cabin modifications, chassis optimizations and additional axles to make them suitable for a wide variety of uses and transport sectors throughout Europe. These market sectors have a growing need for specific cabin and chassis variants that are not available ex-factory.

ESTEPE has enormous market expertise in a wide range of technical fields, enabling it to develop the products for these market sectors.

ESTEPE is professional and does what it promises. An important part thereof is that we guarantee in advance that our modifications have been approved by the truck manufacturer and by the European authorities to be used on public roads.

We do not depend on any truck brand or truck body manufacturer. Integrity is thus of paramount importance to us. As a qualified business partner, we form an integral part of our customers’ sales system.

With our ‘More Truck’ philosophy we deliver to the customer a comprehensive solution and therefore more than just a product. ‘More Truck’ stands for a clearly defined development project, tailor-made advice upon purchase, a structured execution of an order, and 24/7 service when the product is on the road.