Low chassis
Low chassis

More depth, more loading height

Increasing the loading height by lowering the chassis of the truck between the axles. The perfect solution for truck transport or city distribution.


Every make, all bodybuilders

This adjustment is available for all makes and is done in coordination with renowned bodybuilders. The truck is not only perfectly prepared, but the planning is also optimally coordinated. Thanks to standardised working methods and products there excist no surprises, neither for the builder nor for customer.

Various benefits per segment

For truck transport the big advantage a lowered chassis delivers, is that it creates more loading height. For city distribution the loading and unloading of the truck becomes much easier.

The modification can be executed in combination with various other ESTEPE products. For example, an EML axle can be mounted for more loading capacity, the chassis layout can be optimised, and/or special fuel tanks can be fitted.


More information about the modification

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