ESTEPE and Truckland introduce Narrow DAF LF 2.2

In collaboration with DAF and Truckland, ESTEPE has developed a special version of the DAF LF; a so-called DAF LF narrow gauge 2.20 meters wide and a GVW up to 29.5 tons, or the DAF LF 2.2. This vehicle is considerably narrower than the standard LF, which makes the vehicle ideally suited for use in the inner city.

The narrow gauge is still completely DAF LF, but the vehicle has been narrowed by more than ten percent and now measures 2.20 meters in width instead of 2.50 meters. The mudguards are narrower and the step is mounted closer to the cab. Also, all axles are 2.20 meters wide and the chassis components are positioned within 2.20 meters width.

You can read the full news item here (Dutch only)