Municipal & Waste
Municipal & Waste
Municipal & Waste
Municipal & Waste

A clean and organized environment

The waste sector is all about tackling the work ahead of you, and ensuring that it’s done as efficiently as possible, and in a well thought out manner. The characteristics of city centres and residential areas offer unexpected challenges. From tight spaces in busy streets to encountering overflowing containers; we know the issues of your segment and offer customized solutions.


In many cases we mount a pusher axle that is steered and liftable. This increases the net loading capacity and manoeuvrability of the truck. As many original or parts from reputable brands possible are used. This facilitates easier maintenance on the truck. Approval of the truck manufacturer for the adjustment and compliance with the legal requirements are paramount.

Additional axles

Chassis layout

Customised installation

Moving components according to the highest quality standards and according to standardised processes. In this manner trucks are always prepared in the same way so that the bodybuilder will not be faced with any surprises. After conversion the body can be installed without any problems. That is the reason why reputable bodybuilders like to work with ESTEPE.

One team, one cabin

We offer approved interior modifications for every brand and cabin type. This varies from extra seatings to extra beds. In addition, we also have specific solutions available for each segment. We are eager to look at the possibilities together with you.



Preventing accidents

In addition to placing extra seats, various options are available for installing additional windows. In certain cabin types, side windows can be fitted at the level of the bed (the second row of seats). This allows passengers who are sitting in the back to have better visibility of the road and to better assess the traffic situation. In addition to side windows, solutions are available for blind spots and rear windows.