Driving Schools & Movers
Driving Schools & Movers


As a driving school or moving company you are constantly on the road with others or with others’ stuff. Taking more passengers often results into higher efficiency, or in some cases is simply a necessity. That is why the need may arise for extra seats, enabling you to take a maximum number of passengers.

There are additional solutions for driving schools, which aim to assist the student and the activities of the instructor.

ESTEPE is the leading specialist in interior modifications.


More passengers

We offer approved interior modifications for every brand and cabin type. This varies from extra seatings to an extra beds. In addition, we also have specific solutions available for each segment. We are eager to look at the possibilities together with you.

Overview and control

The ESTEPE Driving Instruction Display (EDID) is mounted on the passenger side and displays a variety of data in a clear overview. The display has been developed for various types of trucks and is an ideal tool for the driving instructor. The display shows i.a. the speed, the number of rotations and the position of the accelerator pedal.