Chamfered roof

A perfect alignment

Chamfering the cabin roof makes it easier to load over the cabin. The ideal solution for car and truck transporters.


For every make

Chamfering is available for all brands and types of cabins. In coordination with the specific bodybuilder, a perfect combination between the body and truck is created. The quality and functionalities of the cabin remain intact after the modification.

We are eager to look at the possibilities together with you and the bodybuilder. Also if you are a looking for a specific, tailor-made chamfering.

Flawless Finish

Part of the cabin roof is disassembled. Thereafter a certified reinforced frame is mounted in the cabin to guarantee sturdiness. The new roof plate can be made of plastic or steel, depending on the type and variant. The exterior is sleekly finished and painted accordingly in the colour of the cabin. If possible, the original upholstery fabric is used when finishing off the inside of the cabin.


More information about the modification

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