ESTEPE Midlift-axle

The EML-axle is a 4.5-ton rigid axle that is mounted and installed in front of the drive axle. The ideal lightweight solution to increase the net loading capacity of your truck and prevent axle overload.

4,5 tons

Tractors and rigids

An EML-axle is a fully certified and flexible solution that can be used on both trucks and trailers with different chassis heights. There are numerous possibilities in terms of fuel tanks, wheelbases and battery positions. On tractors, the axle can also be mounted in combination with side skirts.

Fully Automatic

The EML-axle, which has a unit weight of only 550 kg, operates fully automatically. If the axle load on the rear axle is lower than 11.5 tonnes, the axle is automatically lifted. If the axle load is higher than 11.5 tonnes, the axle automatically comes down. This saves fuel and prevents unnecessary tyre wear without the driver having to keep an eye on it. In addition, the axle is equipped with a start-off assist system.

Lift function

More Fuel

Free Chassis Space

The EML-axle takes up little space due to the combination of the short tandem distance and small R17.5 tyres. This leaves more free-space on the chassis to add, for example, a compressor or an extra fuel tank, than with an ordinary 3-axle tractor with a steered leading axle.

More information about the modification

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