Fire brigade
Fire brigade
Fire brigade

Providing assistance under great stress

The tasks of a fire brigade involve danger and stress. Precautionary measures and the right equipment are of importance. Your service vehicles play a crucial role therein; from water tender, tank car sprayer, boom lift-up, to rescue vehicle. We have developed solutions that support you in all the dynamic, difficult operations you face. These allow you to work with your vehicles in a more reliable and safer way.

Going in together

Lengthening the entire cabin to create more space. The so-called crew cabin forms the basis for this adjustment. The problem, particularly for fire brigades, is that there is too little space in the cabin to be able to sit with full equipment, including an oxygen cylinder. A lengthened crew cabin solves that problem entirely.


Chassis layout

Protecting and securing

Moving components according to the highest quality standards and according to standardised processes. In this manner trucks are always prepared in the same way so that the bodybuilder will not be faced with any surprises. After conversion the body can be installed without any problems. That is the reason why reputable bodybuilders like to work with ESTEPE.

Unprecedented maneuvers

With this adjustment you can make every turn and drive anywhere you want, even in crowded cities with narrow streets. The rear axle of the vehicle is replaced by an electro-hydraulically steered axle. This allows four-wheel steering, so that you can drive in all directions. For example, the rear wheels can be steered in the same direction as the front wheels so that the vehicle moves diagonally. In addition, it is also possible to steer in opposite directions, resulting in an extra short turning circle. It is also possible to operate the rear axle manually. In short, this is a very flexible solution which is ideal for fire and rescue vehicles.

Steered axle