ESTEPE has more than 80 employees, each making his or her contribution. The organisation is proud of its open atmosphere and short lines of communication. This has been the maintained since its founding in 1984.

More Truck is not only the slogan, but also the philosophy of ESTEPE. What it stands for? A positive mindset, constant improvement and always looking for new, innovative solutions, to further expand the uses of trucks.


Board of Directors

As members of the More Truck Team involved in the daily operation with continuous focus on innovation, new opportunities and customer satisfaction.


Integral approach by all department managers that our business processes, people and systems are second to none at all times.

Staff & Administration

Operational Excellence in all support functions: HRM, ICT and Finance.



Comprehensive and clear product information. Professional advice and quick response on quotes. Smooth order management based on proactive communication.

Engineering & Homologation

Clever Engineering, Testing en Certification to realize cost effective and reliable products that meet all applicable guidelines and regulations.


Production engineering

Smart design and control of the production, pre-assembly and supplier processes based on analysis, theory and pragmatism.

Supply Chain

High availability of material and components to enable accurate production planning by optimal inventory control and trouble-free deliveries by our suppliers.


LEAN Manufacturing which results in high quality modifications with short lead-times.

After Sales

24/7 Technical and Service Support to assure highest degree of being in operation for our products on the road.

After sales