Lower roof

Space Above the Cabin

Lowering the cabin roof or lowering the entire cabin on the chassis creates more room for the body. This makes it possible, for example, to install a concrete pump, an aerial work platform or a crane over the cabin.

customised fit

Standardised or customised solutions are available for each cabin. Together with you and with the bodybuilder we develop the ideal roof adaptation for daily use. We create optimised space for the body while maintaining the interior space. In addition, we offer numerous options such as displacing antennas, adjusting the sun visor or putting back a roof hatch.



Reinforcement frame

Part of the cabin roof is disassembled. A certified reinforced frame is often mounted in the cabin to guarantee sturdiness. The new roof plate can be made of plastic or steel, depending on the variant. The exterior has a sleek finish and is painted in the colour of the cabin. If possible, the original upholstery fabric is used when finishing off the inside of the cabin.

More information about the modification

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