Half cab
Half cab

Space for the Largest Installations

Halving the cabin creates space for a platform or for transporting long, narrow parts. This is extremely suitable for catering trucks at airports or for transporting steel, for example.

Brand identity

Maintaining all functionalities

When halving the cabin, virtually all features of the original cabin are retained. If necessary, components are moved, and the inside of the cabin is neatly finished off. The brand identity of the vehicle is taken into account during the design phase.

Completely to your liking

As an option, a halved cabin can be equipped with a second seat or with a heated side window with a windshield wiper. In many cases there also is a demand for moving the chassis components to make the vehicle suitable for the bodybuilder. Because the vehicle is already present at ESTEPE, this can be done within the same turnaround time. This is how we shorten the total construction time of the truck.


More information about the modification

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