Tag axles
Tag axles
Tag axles

Extreme maneuverability and more load capacity

Especially for segments where a high net payload must be combined with maximum maneuverability, we mount a tag axle.


For every segment

In addition to extra axles in the heaver segment (up to 10 tonnes), we also offer various options in the lighter segment. For example, we have tag axles starting from 6 tonnes.

Approval from manufacturer

In many cases we mount a tag axle that is steered and liftable. This increases the net loading capacity and manoeuvrability of the truck. Use is made of as many original parts or parts from reputable brands as possible. This facilitates the maintenance on the truck. Approval of the truck manufacturer for the adjustment and compliance with the legal requirements are paramount.

Turning circle


Versatile solution

A tag axle is ideal, in the heaver segment, for construction vehicles like a concrete mixer. In the lighter segment this modification is ideal for city distrubition. To make the vehicle perfectly suitable for its use, various options are available such as special fuel tanks, tyres or the moving of chassis components.

More information about the modification

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