Air traffic needs to be handled smoothly. Turnaround time is key. Your specialist vehicles play an important role therein, and therefore you carry an important responsibility. Our solutions optimise your vehicles and ensure that they operate more efficiently, safely and reliably on the airport platforms.

Half cab

Functional customisation

When halving the cabin, virtually all features of the original cabin are retained. The inside of the cabin is neatly finished off and, if necessary, components are moved. The brand identity of the vehicle is taken into account during the design phase.

Creating room on the chassis

Moving components according to the highest quality standards and according to standardised processes. In this manner trucks are always prepared in the same way so that the bodybuilder will not be faced with any surprises. After conversion the body can be installed without any problems. That is the reason why reputable bodybuilders like to work with ESTEPE.

Chassis layout