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Volvo FM car transporter with chamfered roof for Europcar

Europcar recently started using a new Volvo FM  X-low 4×2 car transporter. The cabin roof  of the Volvo has been modified by ESTEPE.  The cabin roof of the Volvo FM is chamfered by ESTEPE. The combination of a low chassis with the lowered roof ensures that extra space is created… read more
Renault T 6x2 EML

Renault T 460 6×2 midlift tractors for Van Den Bosch Transporten

Recently, ESTEPE has made 29 Renault T trucks with an EML axle for Van Den Bosch Transporten. The new Renault T 460 6×2 midlift tractors are part of the expansion of the Van Den Bosch Transporten fleet. 29 of the new trucks are equipped with an EML axle. A higher… read more

2 extra seats and 3 beds

  The majority of standard truck cabs are fitted with two seats: one for the driver and one for the co-driver. To augment the product range, ESTEPE offers a large number of interior modifications that vary from fitting extra seatbelts & seats to installing additional beds and customer-specific modifications. These… read more

DAF XF 6×2 Low-Deck tractors with EML-axles for Jan de Rijk Aerospace

  Recently, the first DAF XF 480 FTP 6×2 Low-Deck tractor with EML-axle, was delivered to Jan de Rijk Aerospace Transport. The EML-axle is a 4.5-tonne axle with air suspension, which is mounted in front of the driven axle. The XF 6×2 tractors are part of the 2019-expansion of the… read more

Three Atego’s with steered rear axles for the Hamburg fire department

  Recently, three Mercedes Atego’s with steered rear axles were delivered to the fire department of Hamburg. The new trucks, installed with 30-meter-long ladders, are divided between the districts of Altona, Rotherbaum and Barmbek. The steered rear axles make the trucks extremely manoeuvrable, allowing them to easily reach all places… read more

Two extra seating places in the Scania R-series of Daycab

  A first in the field (history) of interior modifications. A customer was looking for a solution to take on two additional passengers in a Scania R-series with a Daycab (CR17N). A question that we kept getting more and more often. That is why we decided to take on the… read more

IAA 2018: A teeming succes

  Like the years before we attended the IAA in Hanover the past two weeks. We can look back on a successful edition where we spoke with many visitors, partners and customers, received clarification on the latest trends and innovations, and were able to show ourselves as a company. There… read more

Fully optimized car transport

  The EML-axle and Chamfered Roof enables the Scania car transporter from Lagermax to easily load eight heavy cars. The compact EML-axle increases the payload with 4.5t, preventing axle overload. In addition, the chamfered roof ensures that the car in the front stays just under 4 meters. Together the two… read more

Chassis and cabin preparation Niessman+Bischoff campers

  Niesmann+Bisschoff is a brand that deals in luxury segment campers. The Flair model is the first mobile home with standard airbags and dual control as extra safety features. The base for the Flair is a chassis of an Iveco Daily. Since December 2016 we have a partnership with Niesmann+Bisschoff,… read more

Working safe and ergonomic in urban areas

  Driving in cities involves risks. A LEC (Low Entry Cabin) with windows in the side doors is the ideal solution. The driver and passengers have an excellent view of what is happening around the cabin. In addition, entering and leaving the cabin is more ergonomic. We can place entire… read more