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ESTEPE and Truckland introduce Narrow DAF LF 2.2

In collaboration with DAF and Truckland, ESTEPE has developed a special version of the DAF LF; a so-called DAF LF narrow gauge 2.20 meters wide and a GVW up to 29.5 tons, or the DAF LF 2.2. This vehicle is considerably narrower than the standard LF, which makes the vehicle… read more

ESTEPE at IAA Transportation in Hannover

ESTEPE will again be represented at the IAA in Hannover, Germany this year. During the fair we would like to inform you about our wide product range in the field of axles, cabin and chassis modifications. Through presentations, photos, videos and animations we give you insight into the many possibilities.… read more

Summer holidays 2022

At ESTEPE we are going to enjoy a well-deserved summer break this year. During this summer break ESTEPE will be completely closed in week 32 and week 33. During this period we are not available and it is not possible to deliver and/or pick up vehicles. We refer you to… read more

ESTEPE makes the switch to Isah ERP-software

After a preparatory period of one year, ESTEPE has been using Isah Business Software since the beginning of this year. With the transition to Isah, ESTEPE has taken the step to work according to a ‘paperless office’. The previous ERP system was coming to an end and had to be… read more

Interior modificaties for the new DAF types

DAF recently introduced the new generations of trucks. The XG and XG+ are the completely new models. ESTEPE also offers interior adjustments for these models. Examples of this are extra belts, beds, seats and customer-specific adjustments. In a DAF XG, ESTEPE has created two extra seats by adding 2 seatbelts… read more

ESTEPE cabin modification centre with own paint shop

ESTEPE designs and produces trucks in special versions for the European truck market. We are number 1 in Europe when it comes to additional axles, cabin modifications and optimising chassis layouts. Customers include truck manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz, MAN, Scania, Volvo, Renault, DAF and Iveco, as well as major European… read more

Reveal of the new Renault D Wide Z.E. Low Entry Cab

Renault Trucks, in collaboration with ESTEPE, has developed the Renault D Wide Z.E. Low Entry Cab. The fully electric truck is equipped with a new low entry cab specially designed to meet the requirements of the waste collection sector, to facilitate the drivers’ work and optimize their safety, comfort and… read more

New generation Volvo trucks 10×4

ESTEPE has once again developed an optimized 5-axle vehicle for the new generation of Volvo trucks. The truck is converted from the ex-factory 8×4 to an optimized 10×4. To create space for the extra axle, various components on the chassis are moved. By placing the second axle backwards, there is… read more

MAN TG3 with a lowered chassis

ESTEPE has developed various products for the new generation MAN trucks. Among other things, a number of interior modifications, but also a solution for truck transport. In the truck transport solution, the chassis of the truck is lowered by approximately 300mm between the axles. This creates extra loading height. This… read more

Interior modifications for the new MAN generation

ESTEPE offers interior modifications for almost all cabin types. This varies from the installation of extra seatbelts, seats and beds to customer-specific adjustments. One of these modifications is the installation of an extra seat. An ISRI seat was chosen for this modification. The lower bed makes way for an extra… read more