Three Scania P-Series equipped with a steered rear axle (HZL)

Recently the Swiss canton Ticino has taken three Scania P-Series equipped with a driven steered rear axle into use. The new vehicles will be used in Mendrisio, Lugano and Biasca.

At ESTEPE the standard driven rear axle is replaced by an steered rear axle. Thanks to the steered rear axle, the trucks are very maneuverable. The rear axle can be steered manually from the cabin. The rear axle can be steered in opposite direction to the front axle, what result in a small turning circle. The rear axle can also be steered in the same direction as the front axle, which allows the vehicle to move diagonally. This adjustment makes the trucks ideal for use in inner cities with narrow streets.

The full press release of Scania Switzerland can be found here. (Only available in German)

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