Optimized 5-axle truck

By taking the structure as a starting point, we can make a truck chassis optimally suitable for your specific application. Close cooperation with bodybuilder and customer ensures that we jointly arrive at a perfect design for your segment.

Our latest animation shows what is possible in the area of moving components, moving axles and adding new axles.

Moving of components
Changing the exhaust, fuel and AdBlue tanks, air reservoirs or battery box, in fact almost all components can be moved so that the vehicle is 100% suitable for the bodybuilder.

We work according the highest quality standards and construction guidelines of the manufacturer.

In the case of the animation we assemble a custom-made component frame where space has already been reserved for the hydraulic tank of the superstructure.

Moving axles
Changing the wheelbase or moving an axle to make room for placing components. In the case of the animation we moved the second front axle so that the exhaust can be moved. This creates space for the addition of a pusher axle.

Adding of axles
The design of the shaft uses as many original parts as possible or parts from reputable brands. This makes maintenance on the truck easier. Approval of the truck manufacturer for the adjustment and the legal requirements are paramount.

The total of the adjustments that can be seen in the animation ensures a truck with a higher load capacity and excellent ease of construction.

Curious about the possibilities? Contact one of our specialists via sales@estepe.nl or +31 (0)412 45 45 00.