New generation Volvo trucks 10×4

ESTEPE has once again developed an optimized 5-axle vehicle for the new generation of Volvo trucks. The truck is converted from the ex-factory 8×4 to an optimized 10×4.

To create space for the extra axle, various components on the chassis are moved. By placing the second axle backwards, there is sufficient space between the first and second axle to place the exhaust here. A component frame is placed behind the cabin in which the batteries, AdBlue tank and air tanks are mounted.

The new axle is placed behind the second axle. This is a steered and liftable axle. In the design of the axle, original parts have been used as much as possible, which makes the maintenance of the truck easier.

The structure has been taken as the starting point for the entire adjustment. The approval of the truck manufacturer and the legal requirements are paramount.

The animation below clearly shows how the modification is carried out:

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