Modifications for driving schools, movers and recovery services

As a driving school, moving company or recovery service you are constantly moving on the road with others. This creates the need for extra seats so that extra people can be taken along. ESTEPE offers various solutions to increase the number of seats in the cabin. For driving schools there are additional modifications, aimed at the learner and the work of the instructor.

Additional seatbelts

ESTEPE has approved interior modifications for every brand and cabin type. For example, it is possible to mount two-point or three-point seatbelts. The original lower bed or a new ESTEPE bench is used as the seat. A comfortable backrest is mounted against the rear wall. It is optionally possible to fold the backrest and use it as a second bed.

 A certified reinforcement bar is installed in the rear wall of the cabin for the installation of additional seatbelts. The extra seatbelts are mounted on this reinforcement beam. The cabin and backrest are covered with original or matching fabric.

Additional seats

By mounting additional seats, the cabin is provided with additional comfortable seats. With this adjustment, the original lower bed is removed. The cabin floor is reinforced with a certified construction frame. There is choice of different types of certified seats so that passengers are assured of a safe environment.

Additional modifications for driving schools

For driving schools, ESTEPE offers other modifications in addition to extra seats. One of these adjustments is the installation of dual controls. It is possible to mount the dual control on both the passenger side and the engine tunnel.

In addition to the dual controls, the dashboard can be equipped with an ESTEPE Driving Instruction Display (EDID). This screen displays various data in a well-organized manner. The display shows the speed, rpm and position of the gas pedal.

 360-degree photos

To get a good idea of extra seats in the cabin, there are 360 degree photos on our website. The photos can be viewed via this link.

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