Modifications for car- & trucktransport

A sector where the margins really make the difference, is the sector of car- & trucktransport. Also for this sector, ESTEPE offers various of solutions.

Higher load capacity

Increasing the load capacity makes it possible to transport more load in once. An EML-axle is a fully certified and flexible solution that can be used on both tractors and rigids with different chassis heights. The EML-axle is a 4.5 ton rigid axle that is mounted in front of the driven axle. The axle operates fully automatically. When the rear axle is overloaded, the EML-axle drops automatically. If the rear axle is not overloaded, the EML-axle will automatically lift to save fuel and prevent unnecessary tire wear.

 Roof modifications

To transport cars or trucks, they are regularly loaded above the roof of the cab. Chamfering the roof makes it easier to load above the cabin. We can make a chamfered roof on all brand and types of cabins. All our chamfered roofs are coordinated with leading bodybuilders.

To make a chamfered roof, a part of the cabin roof is dismantled. In many cases a certified reinforcement frame is mounted. Depending on the variant, the new roof plate can be made of plastic or steel. The exterior is neatly finished and painted in the cabin color. The inside of the cabin is finished with matching or original upholstery fabric.

 Lowering the chassis

Besides lowering of chamfering the cabin roof, it is also possible to lower the chassis of the truck between the axles. This adjustment is also referred to as a “chassis drop”. In consultation with the bodybuilder, the wishes and requirements of the customer are mapped out in order to make the optimal design of the lowered chassis.

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