Iveco S-Way with a lowered chassis

ESTEPE recently lowered the chassis of an Iveco S-Way. We refer to this modification as a “chassis drop”. This specific modification has been specially developed for the truck transport segment. The specific wishes and requirements are mapped out in close cooperation with the body builder and end customer in order to get the optimal design.

The customer receives a truck that is perfectly suited to its daily work. The body builder receives a truck that is optimally prepared, so it can start immediately with the bodywork.

This modification can be combined with other ESTEPE products. For example, an EML axle can be mounted for more load capacity, the chassis layout can be optimized by moving components or special fuel tanks can be mounted.

Do you want to know what the possibilities are for your truck brand? Feel free to contact one of our specialists via or +31 (0)412 45 45 00