Iveco S-Way with a chamfered roof

Recently ESTEPE fitted an Iveco S-Way with a roof modification. Because this truck will be used for car transport, the roof of the cab is chamfered.

 The roof of the Iveco S-Way has a chamfer. Thanks to the roof chamfer, extra cargo space is created above the cab.

To chamfer the roof, the rear part of the cabin is dismantled. An R29-certified steel reinforcement frame is fitted to maintain the cab’s strength. This frame is covered with a plastic roof plate. This roof plate is painted in the same color as the cabin. The cabin interior is finished with a matching fabric.

In addition to chamfering the cab roof, numerous cab modifications are available at ESTEPE. Examples include lowering the cabin roof, halving a cabin or extending the cabin. Standard or custom solutions are available for every brand and every cabin.

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