Higher load capacity by using EML-configurations for Van Den Bosch Transporten

Recently, Van Den Bosch Transporten bought 49 Renault Trucks T. Some of these trucks are fitted with an EML-axle. The use of the EML-axle makes it possible for Van Den Bosch Transporten to transport more liquid and dry bulk goods.

By using the EML-configuration, an optimal combination is created between the own weight, chassis space and load capacity. This creates even more load capacity with a standard truck. As result, 44 tonnes can be transported with six axles in certain European countries.

By applying the EML-axle to the lightweight Renault T, a GVW of 23.500kg and an optimum load capacity is created. The use of the extra 4.5-ton axle prevents overloading on the pusher axle.

The EML axle is a fully certified modification to increase the net load capacity of the trucks and thus prevent axle load exceeding. The axle is equipped with a lift function that can be operated manually up to 30 km/h, which means that more traction can be created on the rear axle to make driving off easier. When the rear axle is overloaded, the EML axle drops automatically. If the rear axle is not overloaded, the EML axle will automatically lift to save fuel and prevent unnecessary tire wear.

The EML axle can be used on tractors and trucks with different chassis heights. In addition, there are many options with regard to battery positions, fuel tanks, wheelbases and other components. After placing the axle, ESTEPE ensures the axle is aligned and an user manual is supplied.

Find the full article of Renault Trucks here. (Dutch only)

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