Extra space above the cabin roof

Sometimes extra space is needed above the cabin roof of a truck. This can be for the construction of a car- or trucktransporter, but also for a ladder truck of the fire brigade. It is possible to adapt the cab roof for this type of superstructure. ESTEPE has developed various standard solutions but can also offer customization.

Chamfered roof

The chamfering of the cabin roof is the ideal solution for car- and trucktransporters. We have a roof chamfering available for all makes and types of cabins that is tailored with leading bodybuilders. How many degrees the roof is chamfered depends on the structure.

Lowered roof

By lowering the entire cab roof, more space is created for the superstructure. Standardized or customized solutions are available for each cab. The ideal roof adaption for daily use is developed together with the body builder. In addition to lowering the roof, there are various options such as relocating antennas, adjusting the sun visor or replacing the roof hatch.

Roof cut

With a roof cut, only the part of the cab roof is removed that is necessary for the relevant superstructure. An example of this is a ladder or crane. For each roof cut, we look at what space needs to be created. A tailor-made solution is proposed, based on the wishes of the customer and bodybuilder.

 When is the cabin roof is modified, in many cases a certified reinforcement frame is mounted. This preserves the robustness of the cabin. The roof is finish with a plastic or steel roof plate. The exterior is neatly finished and painted in the cabin color. When finishing the inside, the original or matching upholstery fabric is used.

Would you like to receive more information about the possible roof modification for your truck? Please contact one of our specialists (via sales@estepe.nl or +31 (0)412 45 45 00).