ESTEPE and TrailerWin extended their 20 year during cooperation

Recently ESTEPE and TrailerWin extended their cooperation with an extra software program; DrivelineWin. More than 20 years, ESTEPE is using the software of TrailerWin. Commercial and Technical Director, Jan Hurkmans, is satisfied with the extended cooperation. The software is regularly used commercially. “TrailerWin is perfect for calculating weights and dimensions when drafting a new concept. The software is also very useful in quickly visualizing and testing the feasibility of new concepts.”

TrailerWin is also used on the Engineering department of ESTEPE. It is used for vehicles on which an extra axle is added (rigid or steered). With the help of TrailerWin the weights, the strength of the frame, maximum dimensions (lengths and swing-out) and steering circles of the vehicles after conversions are determined. It is determined what can be approved and which steering angles the vehicle must be able to achieve within the legal requirements.

Besides that, TrailerWin is also used on the department of Homologation to determine the coupling position and/or center of gravity of a ballast box that is required for braking and steering tests. For this purpose, the own weight of the axles and the maximum axle loads can be easily added in the software.