Electrical garbage truck based on a DAF LF FAG

The first 100% electric DAF LF FAG was recently taken into use. This vehicle is equipped by ESTEPE with a pusher axle and an extra seat in the middle of the cabin.

 DAF LF LA with a steered pusher axle

With this adjustment, a standard DAF LF FA is equipped with a steered pusher axle. It uses an original DAF steering axle with disc brakes. The 6 tons axle ensures that the GVW comes to 22.5 tons. Due to its compact dimensions and relatively high payload, the LF FAG conversion is extremely suitable for garbage collection in city centers. This adjustment is also available at ESTEPE with a tag axle (FAN conversion).

Extra seat in the cabin

In addition to adding an extra steered axle, it is also possible to increase the capacity in the cabin by adding an extra seat. With this adjustment, a fixed original DAF seat with integrated 3-point seatbelts is mounted in the cabin. For this, a mounting plate is mounted on the engine tunnel, on which the seat is attached.

Electrified DAF LF FAG

Recently, the diesel drivetrain of a DAF LF FAG has been replaced by a fully electric drivetrain of 250kW and a battery pack. This vehicle will be used as a garbage truck.

The full article can be found here. (Dutch only)

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