360 degree photos of truck modifications at ESTEPE

Recently the first 360 degree photos are posted on the website of ESTEPE. Thanks to the 360 degree photos, the modifications of the trucks can be showed perfectly. The first 360 degree photos show interior modifications which are possible at ESTEPE.

In the photos it is possible to take a look in the cabin from different perspectives. The modifications in the cabin are explained with additional explanation about the modification.

Click here to see the 360 degree photos

Additional seatbelts

ESTEPE has a large number of interior modifications available for all well-known truck brands. For example, additional seatbelts can be mounted in the cabin. For this modification the rear wall of the cabin is reinforced. On this reinforcement the additional two- or three point seatbelts are mounted. Depending on the type of cabin, a maximum of 4 additional seatbelts can be mounted.

Additional seats

The passenger capacity in the cabin can aslo be increased by adding extra seats. For this modification the cabin floor is reinforced. On the reinforced cabin floor a new seat frame is installed. On this frame can original brand seats, ISRI seats or ESTEPE seats be mounted.

Various options

Besides adding extra seatbelts or seats, there are a lot of other modifications of the interior of the cabin possible. It is possible to mount a second or third bed in the cabin, which results in extra sleeping facilities.

For driving schools it is possible to install dual control or install a Driving Instruction Display.

Curious about the possibilities of interior modification for your truck? Feel free to contact us via sales@estepe.nl or +31 (0)412 45 45 00.