Three Atego’s with steered rear axles for the Hamburg fire department


Recently, three Mercedes Atego’s with steered rear axles were delivered to the fire department of Hamburg. The new trucks, installed with 30-meter-long ladders, are divided between the districts of Altona, Rotherbaum and Barmbek. The steered rear axles make the trucks extremely manoeuvrable, allowing them to easily reach all places in the city.

The ESTEPE solution
With the Atego’s of the Hamburg fire department, the standard driven rear axle has been converted to a steered rear axle.

Special about the rear axle is that it can be steered manually from inside the cabin, which gives the truck exceptional manoeuvrability. The rear axle can thus be steered in the same direction as the front axle, allowing the truck to drive diagonally. The other way around is also possible, namely steering the rear axle in the opposite direction as the front axle, which results in a minimum turning circle.

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Image 1 & 2: Bild (DE)