DAF XF 6×2 Low-Deck tractors with EML-axles for Jan de Rijk Aerospace


Recently, the first DAF XF 480 FTP 6×2 Low-Deck tractor with EML-axle, was delivered to Jan de Rijk Aerospace Transport. The EML-axle is a 4.5-tonne axle with air suspension, which is mounted in front of the driven axle.

The XF 6×2 tractors are part of the 2019-expansion of the Jan de Rijk fleet. The division Aerospace Transport focusses on the exceptional transport of airplane engines, where a maximum load capacity is always sought after. Therefor the EML-axle is a perfect solution.


The EML-axle is the ideal lightweight solution for increasing the net load capacity of a truck and preventing axle overload. Appliable on both tractors and rigids with different chassis heights, it is a fully certified solution with a range of possible options in terms of fuel tanks, battery positions and various components.

Find the Truckstar article here.

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Image header: Truckstar (NL)